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We are very proud to announce our cover girl for our Spring 2008 Issue of G&C ... It's Miss Horrorfest 2007 Mistress Malice (Melissa Jones).

Corpsy was thrilled to attend the After Dark party as Mistress Malice won the coveted crown, and a $50,000 dollar prize. Mistress Malice won the crown of Miss Horrorfest 2007 after her short film, a cheerful diddy about a venegeful nun with a Jesus fixation and a switchblade dildo (our kind of film) was voted best MIss Horrorfest film by the largest You Tube audience ever.

The party at Basque in Hollywood was a blast and featured sideshow entertainers (fire-eaters and contortionists) who dazzled
the crowd into the wee house of the morning. Mistress Malice, Melissa Jones, who hails from Texas, was crowned at midnight
by the previous 2006 winner, Black Betty.

Malice was tearful and overcome, as she was embraced runner-ups: Nixon Suicide and Countess Bathory. "I've never won anything! Melissa exclaimed, "This was the first thing I've ever auditioned for!" Mistress Malice has also won a coveted Girls and Corpses Magazine cover and will also be featured with an interior spread in our Spring 2008 issue. The cover and spread has already been shot and it rots! Stay tuned for this amazing G&C issue #4 with Mistress Malice... it will knock you dead!

After Dark / Miss Horrorfest 2008 will begin auditioning next spring. So, stay tuned for updates at www.horrorfestonline.com. And maybe you too can one day be on the cover of Girls and Corpses Magazine... or die trying.