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Corpsy Visits Desperate Wives Porn Shoot

All Media Play invited me recently to a XXXX porn shoot (I'll get to the 4 X's later).  The shoot was for the third installment of the SexZ Pictures hit series, "Desperate Wives," starring AVN Porn Star of the Year Miss Hillary Scott and directed by porn legend Nicki Hunter.  Also, in the film are vets: TJ Cummings, Aline, Mikayla, Victoria Sin, Paulina James (amongst other stars) who were there the night of my set visit. And Corpsy got an eye full (not literally, thank the Lord) at the steamy shoot.

The first location, nestled into the foothills on the Ventura County line, was a challenge to find, but not for police who promptly kicked us out of the location (thirty minutes after I arrived). Seems the neighbors complained (I guess that they were not invited to watch).  But porn star and "Desperate Wives" director Nicki Hunter made a phone call and we were soon off to another location.

We all met up at a Ralph's parking lot in the rain and nearly got into a fist fight with a coked-out black dude looking for trouble. I had visions of  TJ Cummings, Aline, Hillary Scott and me rolling around on the parking lot with this wild-eyed shopping cart bandit.  Hillary would have shoved her fist up his ass and it would have been all over.  But I digress.  Our transportation arrived and away we sped.

The new location was better than the first and things quickly got heated up with J. Hunter and Mikayla in a BG.  Director Nikki (or Nicki) Hunter is a porn vet with over 280 flicks under her belt and still quite the looker (even after chopping off her golden locks for a short black cut).  Her husband, J. Hunter, was banging beautiful Mikayla as Nicki intently watched the monitors and called out transitions (switch positions) every fifteen minutes.  Nicky hugged hubby 'J' between takes, for good luck. Just your average American couple.

But if you are reading this and you are a guy who dreams of being in porn -- think again.  If you want to stand around stroking yourself all day to stay hard, as you do take after take, this is the gig for you. But it ain't glamorous work much of the time or even particularly sexy on set.  I mean, you'd love to fuck the girls, but not like this. What you see edited on film are professional performers who appear to be having the sex of their lives, when in reality it's very tedious.  The male actors are working out as if for an Iron Man. Imagine thrusting for four hours straight (oh, and you can't cum) as your neck veins bulge and sweat drips down your forehead. The Viagra is flowing on set and even injectable to keep the limp lads hard enough to work for hours on end.  You hear things on porn sets like, "Do you need some time"? or "Let's wait for for him to get his edge back."  If you're a guy you are definitely second banana on a porn shoot, both financially and mentally. But you already know that, right?

This isn't to say that "Desperate Wives -- Part 3" will not be hot as hell on film.  As a matter of fact, I bet this film will be up for some top awards come AVN time.  One memorable scene in particular was the three-way BGGA (The boy-girl-girl-anal) with Hillary Scott, Aline and TJ Cummings.  Aline and HIlary Scott are eager, vigorous, boisterous, sex machines.   After TJ's "pop" shot, around 1:00 a.m., Hillary and Aline played pass the semen, spitting into each others mouths back-and-fourth five times like mama birds feeding their chicks. It altered between, sexy, fascinating and nauseating. Nicki meanwhile interjects words of encouragement, like, "I want to see you play with the cum. Spit it back and forth and then dribble it on your tits, etc, etc."

For Hillary Scott,  this was just another day at the office. But when the cameras go she has a great verbal flow, saying, "You want to fuck my tiny ass," or "Uh-Huh yeaaah... oh yeah... you wanna see me fist myself... huh? you like that,"  etc., etc?

At the end of the shoot, Hillary, who hails from Chicago, needed a ride home and I eagerly volunteered.  Not, not to Chicago -- but up Mullholland Drive. So, here I was, with the Porn Star of the Year, driving in a rain storm. Hillary still had a shiny glow on her face, either from the brisk temperature or from the patina of spooge still on her ruddy cheeks. Even making the drive more surreal was the fact that Hillary played 'Marsha' in the Brady Bunch XXX porn spoof titled, "Not The Brady's": www.bradysxxx.com   My father actually wrote for The Brady Bunch (back in the 70's before they added anal).  My pop even penned the famous scene where Marsha get hit in the nose with a football.  My father would have been so proud of me at that moment driving home Miss Hillary.

You might think I made a move on Hillary -- but trying to have sex with a porn star after a shoot is like asking Lance Armstrong to go for a bike ride after the Tour De France.  We did stop along the way to pick up a cheeseburger and fries from Carl's Jr.   I paid.  Even though HIllary is such a huge porn star now she only has to work once a month, I thought she deserved a treat for a job well done.  Hillary, by the way, is a smart, funny, gal who can do amazing carnival acts with her fists and mouth.  So, it's a bit strange to be driving someone you just watched their insert fists into her own own vagina and ass simultaneously.  Oh, that's where the four' X' thing come in.  I learned that you go from a XXX to a XXXX rating by just a 'thumb.'  That's right... If the thumb slides in during fisting that makes it a 4X, suitable for sale overseas.  No thumb -- it's back to a 3X.  Remember that for your next Trivial Pursuit game.

Anyhow, you should all order "Desperate Wives" -- if nothing else than to see Hillary's amazing disappearing thumbs: www.sexz.com


P.S.  Here are a few shots. The only ones I could show.

Nicki directs her husband, J Hunter, in a scene with Mikayla for "Desperate Wives part 3."

Hillary Scott star of "Not The Bradys XXX" and "Desperate Wives" is orgasmic over getting her copy of Girls and Corpses Magazine.
Sexy Hillary Scott relaxing on the set with her Girls and Corpses Magazine between takes. Note the missing thumbs.
Mikayla gets revved up for her next scene.
TJ Cummings with the Girls and Corpses calendar opened to pal Hollie Steven's Miss January pose.