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Girls and Corpses is one of those magazines you just have to see to believe, it takes the maxim that more is better and pushes it absolutely to the limit. More babes, more humour, more horror, more comics and of course, more corpses. The corpse centrefolds are stunners  and the photography is to die for !

 The first thing you notice about Girls and Corpses is its perversely high production values; this is a full colour magazine, packed with woman in all manner of demeanour appearing with corpses in every stage of decay. There is a superbly depraved humour about it all which makes every issue an utter blast.

 There are also a wide range of satirical adverts offering everything from Herbadeath diet powder to the superbly disgusting Skid Mark Eraser. Be ready for lots of bad taste humour, offensive jokes and politically incorrect comments, it’s part of the territory and what gives this mag it’s charm ! There are also some great full page send ups including Martha Stewart Death and Corpsy the love doll to Barely Dead which advertises such wonders as Muff Pie for the Dead Buy and Spank my Cold Booty !

 Amazingly, it is not all humour; there are some great articles ranging from erotica (such as an interview with the insatiable Marilyn Chambers) to sideshows (a great piece on Johnny Eck including sections of his notebook).

 However, of course, with the title corpse in the title, the focus is on horror and generally on the “necro” side of the equation, these include articles on the Tantric Indian sect of the Aghori (who are rumoured to be cannibals as well as Left Hand Path sorcerers),  Merchant of Death on Victorian death ephemera, My Life as a Mortician,  a study of torture instruments and the Day of the Dead in Mexico. These are well researched and surprisingly informative, always well illustrated and entertaining as well.

And this is not forgetting the loads of comics, cartoons, artwork, interviews with music bands,  and more and more.  There are always a great range of interviews including filmmakers, bands and artists. Erotica, horror, death, humour, babes and everything you would not except to find presented in one outrageous magazine. In Volume 1 Winter there was even a special Scat in the Hat feature offering 3D photography of babes and corpses and yes, they really jumped right off the page.

 This has got to be one of the most bizzare horror magazines on the market but it has so much going for it. It mixes together so many things that the horror buff enjoys from films and music, death to sex, humour to plain cynicism.

 For a magazine filled with corpses, I wish it a very long life !

It is on the shelves in newsagents in the US and Canada, Aussies and other should go to the website and get copies of this joyful celebration of gore and girls, sex and death ! What’s there not to like?