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issue #10

Pussy or Poultry?

The Shaved Twat Argument
By Porn Prodigy Hollie Stevens

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For quite some time now, people have been arguing about twat hair. Is it better shaved, natural, or fashioned into some kind of design or strip? I know it's all based on personal preference. I keep mine shaved with a well-trimmed strip. Now and then, certain directors request that I shave it all. This never makes me happy. I have a problem with a completely shaved twat. My first complaint is that it makes me look like I haven't gone through puberty. I like having something there to let me know that I'm no longer 10. What bothers me the most, however, is that a totally shaved twat resembles a piece of poultry. It looks like it should be wrapped up in Saran Wrap at the grocery store and sold by the pound. I remember when I was a child my mother used to yell at me for poking my finger in the Saran Wrap, leaving a mark in the skin. I still poke it every now and then. Fuck you mom! A completely shaved twat also reminds me of the skin off an ostridges's neck. That evil, evil animal. I hate birds in general. I hate how you look at them and see no emotion. You never know if they want to bite you or shit on you. Pussy is the same way. I hate when I come home after being out all night and sun is starting to come up and all I hear are fucking birds while I'm trying to get some sleep! Like now!

This has been your Hollie Stevens minute.