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Fiona Horsey

Twisted Sister

Exclusive interview
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issue #10

"Twisted Sisters" is a dark tale dealing with the personal struggle between two twins. Jennifer was given everything a girl could wish for, Norah learned to survive on nothing. Now it is time for the tables to turn. Locating, stalking and mimicking the life of her sister, Norah decides it is time that she had it all - and no one will get in her way."

G&C: You are in Twisted Sisters and you play both sisters. Can you talk a little bit about that unusual role?

Fiona Horsey: Well yeah, the role of Jennifer and Norah. Jennifer being the good girl, you know, middle class, happy family always. She has a twin called Norah that she doesn't know about who basically comes to take her life away from her. Jennifer has no idea that Norah has been raped by her stepfather when she was young and she's just gone a little crazy. She has no rules because she hates people, she hates the world, so she can what the hell she likes. She likes punishing people sexually. I guess she hates men but at the same time she wants a man to love her. But yeah, she likes cutting off men's balls, penises with scissors and she generally...the first guy she picks up, yeah, she cuts off his penis and she goes out hunting. She likes to leave trails that it was actually her sister Jennifer. The police detectives are so dumb that they fall for this trick and they go and chase after the wrong girl. They chase Jennifer, sweet Jennifer is so confused she doesn't understand that her normal 9 to 5 life is turned upside down. And Norah really enjoys what she does, she enjoys her job.

G&C: Oddly enough though, guys really like this movie. Now why do they, do you think?

Fiona Horsey: I don't know. I don't know why they like to see that a guy is being tortured and has his penis cut off. I don't know why. I guess it's, yeah, the punishment maybe that men sometimes like from a woman. They like to be dominated by a woman that's just totally crazy and dresses in a sexy way, wears certain clothes and punishes men. That's attractive. We all are masochists in a way, so...

G&C: You've done a few of these unusual movies for Wolfgang Buld. Can you talk about a couple of the other movies you shot with him?

Fiona Horsey: Yeah, the first unusual one was Penetration Angst. I think it's going to be called Frenzy here, they changed the name because as you can tell Penetration Angst it's about a girl who has a fear of sex. She has vagina-dentitus. She has a vagina with teeth. She swallows up men if they come near her, especially if they rape her. Until she finds a man she loves to penetrate her she's always going to swallow them up. I think she swallows quite a few guys in this movie. It's quite a funny effect when they disappear inside her. It was a very odd idea. At that time I hadn't done many movies and I thought it was hilarious. I thought it was going to be a comedy but it turned out to be naturally sick because the actors were all quite naturally sick.

G&C: So, is Wolfgang in heavy therapy?

Fiona Horsey: Well the thing is that he's never taken drugs, he drinks a lot of whiskey and beer but like he's really normal. I think what we have in common for these movies is that we both, as he says, we both come from a small town, Catholic, old traditional kind of upbringing and that just brings out all the repressions and it makes you want to comment on the repressions of sex and the hypocrisies and all the things you have to conform to when you have that upbringing. It makes you kind of go crazy in a sexual way. But only as a comment we're not like that in real life.

G&C: Well that's why they call it acting, right?

Fiona Horsey: Yes! And I like performing these things because it's a comment on what I believe about society, you know the repression of sex and all these fears we have inside us because we're conditioned since we were little.

G&C: Twisted Sisters is a horror movie though. I mean there's certainly no reservation when it comes to the gore. Can you talk about some of the scarier aspects?

Fiona Horsey: Yeah, well, I don't know if you've seen the part where my first victim I think you have the shot where you have him grabbing onto his balls and you can see it's just blood and then there's a shot of the penis on the floor which makes me scream but at the time just makes me laugh hysterically. I don't know what effect it will have on other viewers. I have two cats and I would love to see them eating a guy's balls, especially if he's about to rape me. Where I have to stab the entrails of a certain character who I've just shoved a vibrator up his anus, trying to convince him that "you will love this because that's where your g-spot is". That sort of thing. I take advantage and I put a firework up his anus and light it. I think that must be... I don't know in real life how it would be, how someone would die like that. But yeah, it comes out his abdomen and...it's kind of gruesome. It was just a piece of plastic with blood on it, I just thought "if this looks real this is just a complete triumph of low-budget moviemaking". I was just banging on plastic going "I feel really fake doing this!"

G&C: So you've got a great future ahead of you, you're living in Columbia now, acting. Can you talk a little bit about some upcoming projects?

Fiona Horsey: Right now I'm living in Columbia because I left London to go and work there as an actress. Right now I'm doing a telenovela, the classic Latin American soap which is just a terrible script and a really stupid story. The acting is hard to do well when you're like doing 30 scenes in one day. But it's really good fun, it's a good school for me. Like in television and working in Spanish is really challenging because it's my second language.

In the future I'm planning another film with Wolfgang which I'm really looking forward to, planning it in September, hopefully in Romania if the budget allows. It's to do with the Blood Countess which is a real story about... I think it's Hungarian. The idea that I'm her descendent and they want to take me back because they want to keep the bloodline going. You have all sorts of things going on where I see her in my dreams bathed in virgin's blood. I look just like her so the people of the village want to come and kill me because they don't want her to come back. We want to do this film in September and Wolfgang always keeps to his word because he's very trustworthy and is a very good person so I'm sure we're going to do it.

I also sing in rock bands and I want to keep that going as well.

G&C: You're multi-talented! Thank you so much, Fiona. RIP.

Fiona Horsey: Thank you.