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Our Freaky Summer issue is a historic sideshow cover featuring:  MICHAEL BERRYMAN (The Hills Have Eyes); BUTCH PATRICK (Eddie Munster); KIRBY BLISS BLANTON (The Green Inferno); ZOMBIE BOY (47 Ronin); and half-man SHORT E. DANGEROUSLY. In this issue are exclusive interviews with: ELI ROTH (The Green Inferno), NAOMI "PEPPER" GROSSMAN (American Horror Story); BILL OBERST JR, CHANEL RYAN and CANDICE KITA (Circus of The Dead); the Amazing LIZARDMAN; LOBSTER BOY & SON BLOWFLY ('The Filthy Rapper'); a SEXY photo shoot with a dead clown; SFX freak MARCUS KOCH;  SIDESHOW BABIES of Coney Island; The DEATH CABARETArt of Gore with KBZ; and we peek  under the sideshow tent for the freaky history of the classic 1932 film FREAKS.

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Kirby Bliss Blanton
Butch Patrick
Michael Berryman
Zombie Boy
Eli Roth: The Green Inferno
Naomi "Pepper" Grossman
Short E. Dangerously
Circus of The Dead
Art of Gore: KBZ
Lobster Boy & Son
Coffin Of Contents
G&C in the news, on TV & Radio etc.
You think Girls and Corpses is weird? No stranger than this real parasitic twin
Corpsy, why can't I find a job? Here's why.

Corpse-a-rism of the month:
"A wedding a day keeps the reaper away." - Corpsy

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