Kim Fowley
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Sex and Metal
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Pickled Punks
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Our Vol 5 Spring Playboy parody issue features PHEW HUFNER with The Ghouls Next Door (Chastity Lynn, Hollie Stevens, Joslyn James, Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey). Also, at the Playdead Mansion: JOSLYN JAMES with Tiger's Wood; CHARLIE SCREAM in the dead pool; band Cradle of Filth; Sex and Metal; KIM FOWLEY; Skin Bags; Coffin art; Paraphilias, Stripperland, SNAKE BABE, Dr. Death, Pickled Punks, ASHLEY MADISON and more. Our deadest issue yet!

So if you don't swing... don't ring.
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In this issue...
Phew Hufner at
The Playdead Mansion
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Joslyn James and
Tiger's Wood
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Charlie Scream in
The Deadpool
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Snake Babe
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Cradle of Filth
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Eric Pigors
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Coffin Of Contents
Letter from the Publisher - New!!!
Deaditor-In-Chief R.S. Rhine
Oh The Horror!
Girls and Corpses DVD reviews: - New!!!
The Bisbee Cannibal Club, Shelter, Sculpture, Pop Skull, Ninjas v.s. Zombies, Godkiller and Mega Piranha.
Corpsy, why can't I find a job?
Here's why.

Corpse-a-rism of the month:
"Death means never having to say you're sorry." - Corpsy

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Corpse Body Soap

Corpse Body Soap

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