How To Start A Religious Cult

by Ex Cult Leader Phil Haney

David Koresh, Jim Jones...and now You!

Having your own religious cult is like having your own human ant farm. It’s fun to watch them grow and work together, but also there is that temptation to smash the glass and squish them all beneath your boots. Let’s face it: Mormons were discounted as the Scientologists of the 1800s and now they are accepted as a legitimate church. So who’s to say in another 100 years we won’t be looking at Tom Cruise as a savior? By starting your own, new “religion,” you too could leave your mark in history as a religious zealot and/or icon. Most people join a cult to find spiritual enlightenment, a place to belong, and a way to escape reality. What they are missing out on is that dangerous doomsday cults can be fun! The key is creating your own cult so you can attain the three things that drive all men: Power, Money and Sex! All you need to do is make a couple of impassioned speeches about how God/Jesus/The Aliens talk to you and all this could be yours! Here you’ll learn how to do it, with these helpful tips on creating your own kick-ass cult, becoming the Leader Guy and erecting a 50-foot statue of yourself made from your followers’ dried feces (That’s what I would do – don’t judge!)  

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