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Metal Sanaz and Gen of the Genitortuers hang with Corpsy at their LA Erotica booth.

Deaditor-In-Chief R.S. Rhine. Gen "Genitortuers and Kim Fowley legendary song writer and record producer at Erotica LA.

Riggs of the rot band Scum of The Earth gets the magazine of his wet dreams.

Gen signs Girls and Corpses Magazine.

Gen shows Dave Navarro a copy of Girls and Corpses Magazine on his TV Show "Spread." Navarro indicates Girls and Corpses Magazine is #1 with him.

Dave Navarro feels the lash of Gen's whip and winces.

Contemporary corpse Kim Fowley and a young disciple are the epitome of Girls and Corpses at the LA EROTICA show. In addition to helping launch The Runaways and Joan Jett,  Fowley also helped Napoleon XIV record the 1966 novelty record "They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haaa!" (Corpsy's favorite diddy).

Dark queen Metal Sanaz relishes reading Girls and Corpses Magazine in which she is featured.

Gen of The Genitortuers and Robert Steven Rhine (Publisher / Deaditor-In-Chief) of Girls and Corpses Magazine at Erotica LA.

Porn legend Triple Annie ("Fisting Gangbang #13") visits Corpsy with those
famous lips.

Dave Navarro tries to stand up after the beating that Gen of the Genitortuers put on him for his b-day.

Gen of The Genitortuers signs the Girls and Corpses cover  at Erotica LA.

Rot legends and rotting good friends Gen of the Genitortuers and Dave Navarro at Erotica LA.

Porn star AVN winner Kimberly Kane with Gen of The Genitortuers.

Gen of the Genitortuers assures Dave Navarro that the beating she is about to put on him for his birthday, "won't hurt a bit."

Okay, this is the obligatory 'we were really at an erotica convention' photo. They are clothed, by the way, and I think they were demonstrating how men who compulsively workout aren't naturally gay.