Kim Fowley’s dying wish was to be photographed dead with fetish models and Girls and Corpses Magazine has pulled it off. Girls and Corpses Publisher/Deaditor-In-Chief explains, “It was no easy task but we were able to get a hold of Kim Fowley’s cadaver secretely while ‘in transit’ and photographed him with fetish model Jin N Tonic in his body bag. We only had about ten minutes to shoot the corpse. It was crazy! But I’m happy to fulfill Kim Fowley’s dying wishes, as odd as they were.”

Model Jin N Tonic adds, “This is by far the craziest thing I’ve ever done but I jumped at the chance. I thought the body would smell. But it was really cold where we shot so it wasn’t too bad. I’m happy to make this rockstar’s dream come true give Kim his last wish.”

“Kim Fowley worked and wrote for Girls and Corpses Magazine for over a decade. He was by far the wildest person I have ever met and we had a lot of fun together. He will be greatly missed. Our next issue of Girls and Corpses will have Kim’s death photo on the cover and the last piece he ever wrote which we are running unedited. It’s wild, weird and perverted, like Kim.” Here’s a video of Kim on his deathbed proclaiming his love for Girls and Corpses Magazine.

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RIP Kim Fowley



Footnote for you legal eagles

The Dead Cannot Be Defamed: You can’t defame the dead” is an often-repeated legal chestnut that restates the general rule that only the living can sue for damages to their reputation. The continued force of this rule explains why many defamatory “tell-all” biographies appear after a famous figure has died.” — Legal Zoom

-"According to US law, you cannot libel the dead. The estate/survivors of the person in question cannot sue you if you say something nasty about a dead person because there are 7 criteria or something you have to meet in order to prove libel/slander, one of them being that the words caused personal trauma and you can't very well be traumatized if you're 6 feet under. And the trauma of the survivors doesn’t count. So, you can say publicly or publish that JFK used to kill little children and eat them for breakfast and no one can sue you for it.”

-"Not only do the dead have no protection against claims of libel or slander, they lack other legal protections afforded to the living...a good example would be the right to "confidentiality" as regards medical information that otherwise would be protected.

-“In other words, nothing about the dead is confidential or protected. For example, the fact that a living person may be infected with HIV is considered "protected" information. Once the person is defunct, no such confidentiality exists.”

- “There was a lawsuit regarding that in 1964, when a scurrilous “biography" of Jean Harlow was published. Her father sued the author and publisher, but a judge ruled that you cannot libel the dead. . . Which explains the trashy books that come our right after celebs die . . . (cough—Mommie Dearest—cough)”

— Above quotes from Straight Dope


- This has been a Girls and Corpses parody-