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Michael Meyers vs. Pumpkinhead

Tony Moran

Interview by R.S. Rhine

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"Michael Myers (from Halloween)...You were locked in a mental institution at the age of 6 for killing your sister, but escaped 15 years later. Your desire to kill is a very strong one"

issue #6

I stalked actor TONY MORAN, who portrayed killer Michael Myers from the first Halloween movie, by hiding in his hedges, until he'd give me an interview. After several Halloweens had passed, we finally gave him an offer he couldn't refuse... we promised to go away.

G&C: Tony Moran, AKA Michael Myers, "Halloween" still holds up as one of the most terrifying horror films ever made. I've always wanted to ask you: Who do you dress up as on Halloween?

TM: As Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th. I like sports.

G&C: How did you get the job on the movie Halloween in 1978?

TM: I was a struggling actor at the time and I had a job on the Hollywood & Vine corner dressed up as Frankenstein, you know, those guys dressed up with a sign that they wave back and forth about new apartments for rent?

G&C: That will be of great encouragement to all the walk around costume actors around the globe. When was the last time you saw the film? How did it hold up?

TM: The last time I saw the film in its entirety was with my daughter who was 3 years old at the time. That was about 1 1/2 yrs. ago. I thought it was really good but 30 minutes into the film my daughter looked at me and said that she thought the Scooby Doo movie was scarier and asked for a cookie.

G&C: Was it a pleasurable experience working on the film?

TM: Yeah, it was, death and destruction, c'mon, what's better than that?

G&C: Sex and death? Did you have Halloween groupies, back then? Girls who wanted you to wear the mask in the sack?

TM: Actually, my girlfriend at the time when the movie was released was a bit prudish. She was upper class English. She didn't get it, so I dumped her. Here in America it seems like I probably wouldn't have gotten laid if I didn't wear the mask.

G&C: What are your thoughts regarding director John Carpenter?

TM: The first time I met him was on the interview to audition for the part and I thought this guy has really, really long hair, I mean he had a pony tail and I thought he isn't going anywhere in this business until he cleans himself up.

G&C: What scares you?

TM: When my wife gets pissed off.

G&C: What movies do you find truly frightening?

TM: Chick movies. My wife will watch them sometimes and I know she is going to start comparing me to the guy in the movie. I know I'm doomed.

G&C: Do you ever feel like sometimes putting on the mask you wore in Halloween and freaking out your neighbors so they'll keep their dog off your lawn?

TM: As a matter of fact, my next-door neighbor has a really small dog that doesn't do his business like a small dog and the guy doesn't believe in picking up after the dog. Needless to say he is selling his house. True story. The sign went up last week. He really pissed me off.

G&C: What was your most memorable moment working on Halloween?

TM: The day I met Jamie Lee Curtis. She wasn't wearing much in her dressing room.

G&C: Have you stayed in contact with the cast and Jamie Lee Curtis?

TM: No and no. Only in my thoughts.

G&C: Did you watch the Halloween sequels? What did you think of them?

TM: Sorry. I only have seen part of the # 2 sequel. I knew nobody could fill my shoes so why bother.

G&C: Why were you not asked to reprise your role in the other Halloween movies? Or, were you?

TM: Oh yeah I was asked. My agent was pissed. I wasn't interested. Nobody could find me until last. That is the truth. The guy that found me works for the Horror Channel and it took him over 3 years to find me and 4 phone calls for me to talk.

G&C: Are you still working as an actor?

TM: Yeah. You could say that.

G&C: Are you any good at carving pumpkins?

TM: No. Every time I get a knife in my hand I have a tendency to black out. I now go to a 12 step program for it. My kids cry because I don't help them but there kids they don't know what I have been through so I go to the grocery store and buy the candy, it's my job. I then lock myself in the closet when the kids start coming to the door and start trick or treating. I get feverish and stop talking to anyone. I don't get it. Maybe something is wrong with me.

G&C: Maybe you should take a look in the mirror. It might be the mask.