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Thanksgiving of Pain

Interview with Mizuz Inkaholik
The Tattooed Pin Cushion Lady

By R.S. Rhine


issue #13

"We were strange, weird, scary and freaks. Now we are beautiful, distinctive and sexy." --Mizuz

G&C: Welcome to our crypt Annette, or should I call you Mizuz?

~Mizuz: I prefer to be called Mizuz Inkaholik. It more defines who I am.

G&C: You are a stunning visual canvas of sixteen vibrant tattoos, eight piercings and an outrageous Mohawk but it is your more, er, extreme piercings that caught our eye. How did you get into this extreme body modification? Have you been a baaaaad girl?

~Mizuz: Thank you, working in a tattoo and body-piercing studio you are bound to get into extreme body mods. At least I was. I love the way it feels when the needle penetrates the skin. When your adrenaline is pumping thru your veins after the 14th piercing, you exhale as the needle exits it is the most relaxing and invigorating feeling at the same time. Everyone experiences body mods differently. Meeee? A bad girl?!!! Never.... *smirks*

G&C: We at G&C particularly like the fact that you can be artistically compelling without being naked. We are swamped in our society by porn images. Not that I have anything against a gaping labia, on occasion, but I think we have enough porn out there, you know. But you sure capture the eye with some of your themes; Killer nurse, Devil Woman, Blood and Ink, Angel Skin. What inspires your mad artistic body art and visual flair?

~Mizuz: It's not what inspires it's who inspires. My soul mate keeps my artistic juices flowing. Johnny Jackson (Inkaholik), his passion for his art feeds me the fuel I need to want more. I feel I can be just as sexy without nudity. I just love the very classic pin-up girls and the way they would make you long for more. I am not against nudity, I just don't pose nude. I believe some things are sacred and left for only intimate situations. My goal is to capture that kind of emotion, mixed with the bad girl personality from the spook shows. I wish I was in a circus freak show.

G&C: Sixty years ago you might have been the featured act in a carnival sideshow. Do you long for those days?

~Mizuz: See last answer.... hahaha.... I sooooo long for those days. I feel that I have been in a carnival freak show my whole life; I just don't have a large audience. Well, it's getting larger. I have always wanted to be a 'spook show hottie.'

G&C: You obviously like to be jabbed with sharp objects.

~Mizuz: I love to get pierced. But I'm going to fill you in on a little secret.... I hate pain. But, my definition of pain is a little warped. I guess you could say I have a high pain threshold.

G&C: Who should get body modification? And why?

~Mizuz: Any person that wants to express themselves. That means from rebellious Jenny that just turned 18 to Grandpa Bob that just got his first tattoo at 67 last week. I do not try to push body mods on anyone. Don't get me wrong; it's not for everyone. In a perfect world those people would just sit back, enjoy the art and not partake in it, of course this world is not perfect.

G&C: Have you ever had sex with a corpse? (We can fix that, if you haven't).

~Mizuz: Define corpse. Do Ex's count?

G&C: Ex's count for two. So, where are your eight piercings? So, are you going for nine? Or, ninety?

~Mizuz: I have 4 in my ear lobes, 1 in my nostril, an 8g in my tongue, my medusa (the little dip above your upper lip) and my navel.

G&C: Describe why you like being laced up and bleeding? And is there anything in your past which you think led you down this path of pain?

~Mizuz: I love anything different and new. Especially when it comes to body mods. I will do almost anything to get a great photo set. If that means stitching my lips shut, then by all means. I'm sure a therapist would disagree, but, I don't think it was my childhood or my parents fault that I am the way I am. I was just born unique and I want to stay that way. I grew up watching horror movies. I saw my first when I was only 5 years old and I've been hooked ever since. Blood and needles just seem to go very well together...

G&C: What would you not pierce? Your eyeball? Your brain?

~Mizuz: I'm not sure I can say I wouldn't pierce anything. If I say I won't today, you will probably see pics of me with it pierced next week. Piercing to me is so easy and fun. If you look at it logically you only have insertion and exit. There really is no more pain than that. Maybe slight discomfort, but not usually.

G&C: You work in a tattoo parlor --The Legendary Texas Body Art on Jones Road in Houston, Texas -- But would you ever have a normal day job -- like working in a knitting store? How about standing by a freeway with a sign reading: Will pierce for food?

~Mizuz: I never have done the "normal" job thing for long. I have always been in the art/creative fields and the service industry. I was a platform artist for a large hair product and make-up company. Now, that was fun.

G&C: Do you attend fetish sex parties? How about fetish Tupperware parties? Is sex a part of your piercing fetish?

~Mizuz: Piercing is another form of pleasure for me. Not to be confused with sex. It is pure to me. Not tainted, never the same. Every part of my body that I have had pierced has had a different sensation. That's what I enjoy. Some parts are a little more difficult than others but I have loved every single one.

G&C: When you were a little girl did you stick paperclips through your cheeks?

~Mizuz: Does stickpins in my hands and fingers count? I did that everyday. I was doing surface piercings on myself when it wasn't cool... hahaha

G&C: We love your corset piercings which laces you up like a Thanksgiving turkey. What do you consider painful?

~Mizuz: I have to say getting my feet tattooed hurt the most. Man, I am so glad I only have 2. I have a skull on my right foot that took 2.5 hours to do. OUCH!!! The other is a sugar skull that took 2 hours.

G&C: What freaks you out?

~Mizuz: Republicans

G&C: Would you rather have:

a) Your skull pierced.

b) Have dinner with President Bush.

c) Scrub a toilet with your tongue while being banged from behind by a flaulent, albino, transgender midget with a speech impediment?

d) Get married, move to Cleveland and have six fat kids.

~Mizuz: I would have to say a.) Have my skull pierced. Maybe I'll do that and send you some pics.

G&C: Tell us the process of having a corset piercing. Walk us through stitch by painful stitch.

~Mizuz: I want to thank Jayson Romano from Biolab Piercing Studio in Houston for doing this corset for me. First we had to mark where the piercings were going to be. That means they have to be perfectly even and placed. You need to measure and level, it's like building a bookshelf. Then when you have it mapped out, you clamp the section of skin to be pierced, then you take a deep breath in and as you exhale deeply the piercer penetrates the skin and exits with the breath. After piercing the seven on the left we put in the jewelry before moving on to the row on the right. In my case we used 14 14g captive bead rings. Then we pierced the next seven and also put in the jewelry. Then I smoked a cig. lol Next came my least favorite part... the cleaning...Let's just say alcohol on new piercings is painful... We took our time running the lace thru the hoops nice and neat and tight. I made sure Jayson pulled my corset tight. I see a lot of corset piercings out there that are like pussy piercings. If you are going to go thru the trouble of sticking 14 hoops in your back, it should look like you mean business. If you notice, I mean business.... hehehe...

Then, we took some photos. The last part was the removal. Yes, I took them out. I do corsets as play piercings. I have so much to do in a given day; I do not have the time to keep up with cleaning and caring for 14 piercings on my back.

G&C: Is corset piercing relatively rare? How often have you had it done?

~Mizuz: You know, this was my first time. I wouldn't say it is rare. It's becoming more common. I will have many more corsets -- in strange and unusual places.

G&C: Do you ever do suspensions?

~Mizuz: Not yet. That is my next endeavor. I am so interested in suspending. I am looking into doing a vertical hang soon.

G&C: Who are you idols?

1. Bettie Page. Of course. I love a strong sexual woman. She set the page for women to be themselves and more open about what they want.

2. My Mom. She raised 3 children and still looks great. As a child, I always would gaze at my mom and wish that I would one day look just half as beautiful and half as strong as her.

3. Johnny Jackson (Inkaholik). This cat is unbelievable. His passion and heart for the tattoo industry is unlike no other. This man gets a vibe for something and doesn't stop until he has it by the balls.

G&C: What's next Mizuz? A self-inflicted autopsy?

~Mizuz: I feel maybe that might be the only thing left to do to top my latest sets. I want so much. I would love to break into music videos. I am scheduled to start filming a short horror film where I get to play the role of the serial killer. I am set to model for a couple of clothing lines. One that is set to launch in 2007, it is a skater/tattoo clothing line and Fashion Vault (www.fashionvault.com) in Austin. Currently I am a Triple X Dream girl (www.triplexdream.com) and an Angel Skin model (official site coming soon). Whatever I do next, I will do with pleasure and enjoyment.

G&C: What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?

~Mizuz:: I will be doing the same thing I did last year, cooking a huge dinner for my Babe and invite all the crew from the studio to watch House of 1000 Corpses and Devils Rejects while eating turkey and sweet potato casserole.

G&C: What is "Rock a Hawk." Are you encouraging killing endangered birds? Or, do you simply favor sex with poultry?

~Mizuz: Are you calling me a chicken fucker? I'm not buying chickens from you no more!!! No silly, of course it's my non-profit organization Rock a Mohawk... Not enough people do... I just want to keep rock alive.

You can find out more about Mizuz at:
The Legendary Texas Body Art
Biolab Piercing Studio

See the amazing art of Johnny Jackson:

Thanks Mizuz!!!

R.S. Rhine